Digital and VoIP Phone Systems

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Digital Systems

Digital phone systems still have an upper hand in some cases. For example these systems can be installed in offices that don’t have the wiring, or internet quality, to support VoIP phone systems.

Just because digital phones don’t require an internet connection, does not mean they can’t support features similar to VoIP phone systems. In fact, many digital phone systems are hybrids, able support VoIP and digital phones.

voip phones, hosted voip system

Hosted Service

Hosted phone service is an excellent option for SMBs, no onsite equipment means lower cost up-front. However the reliability and quality of your internet connection are essential to the proper operation of hosted phone services.

Switchvox Cloud not only has all features included like it’s on-premise or virtual counterparts, it is enhanced with phone service included and phone rental options – all at a low monthly rate. 

voip phones, hosted voip system

On-premise VoIP

On-premise VoIP phone systems are the ultimate in flexibility and capability. On-premise deployments can be configured to use SIP (internet based phone lines) and standard copper phone lines as a back-up during an internet outage.

Ideal for business small to large, the Switchvox business phone system comes with the advanced capabilities and UC features you need right out of the box.

voip phones, hosted voip system

On-Premise Open Source VoIP

Open source phone systems are designed for advanced deployments where the installation environment requires complex configuration and customization. These systems provide administrators and developers with access to the software in order to integrate with third party applications

PBXact phone system delivers a solution which focuses on flexibility to allow custom integration.